10 Signs It’s Time to Move On From Your Current ERP System

If you are like many small and midsize businesses, you are likely walking the line between the comfort of your current ERP system and the concern that it might not be getting the job done. If nothing in your business changes you could be fine using what you have; but halting growth is hardly a sound business goal. If you answer yes to any of the signs below, it is likely time to consider moving on to a new system.

1. Your ERP system delivers basic, entry-level accounting options and requires additional products for financial reporting, inventory management and budgeting.

2. Your current system does not have a cloud deployment option.

3. You don’t have a partner to provide post sales support, implementation services, training and assessments.

4. Your business management solution does not integrate easily with other line of business applications (CRM, Sales Tax, eBanking)  for the unique needs or your company.

5. Your current ERP system is not easy to use.

6. You don’t have integrated business intelligence for insight into your business.

7. Your ERP system or vendor does not deliver ongoing innovation

8. Your solution does not support the future growth of your business.

9. Your ERP system isn’t  reducing  business risks.

10. You run into unforeseen costs with your current ERP system including hidden fees, enhancements, price increases.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, don’t ignore them! It’s time to consider updating your business solution. Make sure to check back weekly for more information on what to look for in an ERP system.



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