5 Ways Financial Services Firms Use CRM to Compete & Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences

The 2008 economic crisis hit the financial services industry hard, effecting significant change in many areas.  In addition to dealing with its ripple effect, investment management firms must now contend with whole new set of challenges:

  • Increasing regulatory compliance
  • The struggle for sustainable growth
  • Social and mobile technologies
  • A new generation of customer with much greater expectations from everyone they do business with—including the company that manages their investments.

Changing customer expectations and demographics are having a profound impact on asset and investment management firms. Traditional client satisfaction and loyalty initiatives, while important, are no longer enough.  Financial services companies that want to stand apart from the competition need to focus on delivering outstanding customer experiences.

This might seem overwhelming, but it is a perfect opportunity to gain a competitive edge.  With a customer-centric strategy and the right technology to support it, you can optimize each interaction and extract more value from your relationships while delivering amazing client experiences.

5 Ways Financial Services Firms Use CRM to Compete & Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences

To learn more about the strategies and technology that investment management firms are using to stand apart from the competition, download Microsoft’s free white paper, “Delivering Amazing Customer Experiences with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

Written specifically for financial services companies, this free white paper explores how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be used to achieve:

  1. A 360-degree customer view with all your customer data, history, and analytics to drive better, more efficient and more profitable interactions with customers.
  2. Personalized customer experiences delivered through pinpoint targeting, offers that are customized to meet identified needs, and highly relevant customer service.
  3. Operational efficiency improvements achieved through familiar tools like Microsoft Outlook and workflow that streamlines processes across the organization.
  4. Cost-effective mobile and social technologies that are delivered seamlessly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, giving your staff access to relevant information and tools, anywhere, anytime.
  5. A platform for innovation that allows you to rapidly build out other line of business solutions, enabling you to manage your business more holistically.

Get a free copy of Microsoft’s CRM white paper for financial services companies here.

Get the Microsoft CRM Financial Services White Paper

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