Automating Case Management with CRM in Health & Human Service: Bridging the Gaps in Networks of Care

Today’s health and human services agencies are under more pressure than ever before. They are tasked with serving a steadily growing number of participants due to economic factors and enrollments through the Affordable Care Act. And there is more demand for data-driven outcomes to justify budgets and keep programs going.Automating Case Management with CRM in HHS

However, meeting these responsibilities is being hindered by technology limitations. Agencies depend on outdated legacy systems and disconnected networks of organizations from the community to the state level, making information difficult to access, organize, and utilize. Coordinating services and meeting outcome requirements becomes much more challenging and costly.

Agencies need consolidation of these diverse data sources, unifying networks into a seamless system through innovative technology. By connecting people, programs, and data with technology that can help automate program and case management, agencies can bridge those painful gaps.

Automating Case Management with CRM: 6 Compelling Benefits

Agencies like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs are already reaping the benefits of automation through innovative solutions built on CRM platforms. Their solution has streamlined processes to assist in the care of more than 100,000 severely ill and injured veterans, consolidating health care providers and hospitals all over the country, six non-clinical programs on 13 data systems and 50 regional offices with hundreds of case managers, and two federal agencies.

Automating with CRM can help any HHS agency:

  1. More effectively coordinate care
  2. Improve outcomes, program efficiency, financial oversight and client satisfaction
  3. Encourage data sharing and collaboration between teams
  4. Cut costs, including duplicative and unnecessary IT expenses
  5. Reduce fraud, waste and abuse
  6. Provide more accurate monitoring and reporting based on actual data

To learn more about how case management solutions designed with Microsoft Dynamics CRM help HHS organizations realize these benefits, listen to Bridging the Gaps in the HHS Network of Care, eRepublic Webinar Photoa complimentary webcast brought to you by The Governing Institute and Green Beacon.

In this informative webcast, Judy Baker, former Region VII Director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Senior Fellow of Governing Institute, Tracy Picon,  Microsoft Dynamics U.S. Industry Group’s Healthcare Director, and Matthew Beaumont, Green Beacons’ Vice President of Public Sector, discuss these innovative solutions, how they are performing in the public sector, and how you can realize the same powerful benefits.

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