How Bemis Associates Set the Stage for Continued Growth and Product Innovation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Bemis Sets Pace for Continued Growth and Innovation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Your company is prospering–so much so that you need to reassess your processes and business systems. To avoid impacting quality, service, and future growth, it becomes mission-critical to make sure everything is in tip-top shape—from how you run your business to the tools you use to run it.

For decades, Bemis Associates, a worldwide adhesives and specialty films company trusted by the world’s most recognized technical, performance, luxury, and lifestyle brands, has been the clear market leader—and was facing just such a challenge.

With rapid growth and a complex business model built on market innovation and strong relationships with a handful of top brands, Bemis was prompted to evaluate every aspect of operations. The evaluation resulted in a list of challenges and goals, centered primarily around processes and outdated tools that affected visibility and communication. The ultimate goal: Connect the sales and development organizations around the world to better capitalize on opportunities, building upon vital customer relationships.

Re-engineering and optimizing processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Bemis required a globally-available CRM application. After assessing solutions including Salesforce and OnContact, they selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, which offers integration with Microsoft products, an online option that addresses the need for global accessibility, scalability to accommodate rapid growth and innovation, and multi-language/multi-currency functionality.

The CRM staff at Bemis teamed up with AKA Enterprise Solutions to re-engineer and optimize processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as the foundation to address their goals:

  • Detailed tracking functionality helps employees visualize the relationship among the customer, factory, and brand. For example, one factory might do work for several brands.
  • A single, end-to-end sample process replaced separate spreadsheets for sales and development organizations all over the world to track what is being tested and for which brand at any given time. Sales can contact customers proactively to ensure samples are tested, results delivered, and initial requests fed into the opportunity pipeline.
  • Trade show lead prioritization and assignment was automated. A portal interface was developed to allow collection of potential customers and initial requests for custom samples.
  • ClickDimensions was integrated and now “lives” within CRM, streamlining marketing processes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online increased global transparency and collaboration

Bemis Case Study ImageWith complete data visibility to everyone around the world, plus improved processes for tracking relationships and business development, teams work together more cohesively and efficiently. Sales and Development see the same data, so the sales process is more effective. Automated, coordinate marketing processes have resulted in more leads, better follow up, and higher conversion rates.

Read a copy of their success story to learn more about how Bemis has capitalized on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to pave the road for continued worldwide growth and innovation. 

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