The Benefits of Being an AKA Employee

At AKA Enterprise Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, motivating work environment.  As such, one of the ways in which we demonstrate our appreciation for and commitment to our team is by providing a number of perks ranging from something as simple as a health club membership reimbursement program to an annual trip for all top performers.  Below is an overview of some of the benefits available to members of our team.

Presidents’ Club Program

All of our employees are assigned a specific performance goal for AKA’s Presidents’ Club program.  Anyone who exceeds his or her specific Presidents’ Club goal by 10% will be invited, along with a guest, to an all-expenses-paid trip with the Executive Team and the other Presidents’ Club qualifiers. The trip is a long weekend to a warm climate in the middle of winter. Previous destinations include Jamaica and Mexico. Each year, more and more employees qualify for the trip and it has become a tradition the entire team looks forward to.

Professional Development

We are committed to providing professional development opportunities members of the AKA team.  We set aside funding for each employee’s professional development. Employees can request to attend virtual or off-site training courses to gain knowledge and information relating to their job responsibilities.

Road Warriors Program

To compensate consultants who spend a great deal of time away from home while on projects, we have developed a Road Warriors Program.  When a team member meets the threshold, he or she receives an additional monetary bonus based on number of days away from home.  When a consultant is on track to meet or to exceed the threshold, we arrange for a guest to join him or her for one weekend. AKA assists in the booking process and covers the travel expenses for the guest.

Employee Referral Bonus

Great individuals know other great individuals. When one of our own refers a candidate to AKA for employment, and they are successfully hired, the referring employee will receive a bonus within one month of the date the individual becomes a full time Employee.

Health Club Membership

We’re very much focused on the wellness of our employees and we encourage everyone to partake in an active lifestyle.  We’ve signed up for the J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge and have even hosted group yoga sessions at our NYC office! Additionally, we reimburse 20% of our employees’ health club memberships – gyms, yoga studios, dance classes, Cross Fit centers, you name it.  

As a result of the benefits provided to AKA employees, we have high morale in the workplace and our team has the motivation to provide quality service to our clients.  Through these benefits, AKA recognizes the value of each employee and how each employee is necessary to our success as a team, making AKA  a great place to work!


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