Can Dynamics CRM and AX Help You Change the World?

A lot of brands pride themselves on donating a portion or all of their profits to charitable ventures. A few such brands I’d like to highlight include:

– Peet’s Coffee and Tea: This company has a Holiday Donations program that encourages employees and customers to support nonprofits in local communities. According to the Peet’s website, “At the start of each program, the staff at each Peet’s store brainstorms ideas and then chooses a local, non-profit organization with which they’d like to support. The organizations chosen typically reflect the passions and interests of that store team. The store teams then partner with their chosen non-profit to creatively promote the program and collect donations. Peet’s matches each store’s donations, up to $1,000 per store.”

– World Vision International:  This organization works in almost 100 countries to build a better world for children by addressing needs in education, economic development, health, hygiene, sanitation, water, food and agriculture. In 2011, World Vision processed almost $300 million worth of donated goods and managed thousands of shipments “by land, sea and air.”

Chobani Inc: This American brand of Greek yogurt, as well as the producer of America’s number one yogurt, boasts a “nothing but good” philosophy. The company encourages Chobani’s employees to give back to local communities and also runs the Shepherd’s Gift Foundation – “a charitable foundation that gives 10% of Chobani profits annually to a variety of causes, all of which are working to make the world a more positive place while having a generous spirit,” according to the company’s website.

So, what do all these organizations have in common, you ask? They have all improved their operations with Microsoft technologies.

Here’s how they did it…

When Peet’s Coffee and Tea was growing larger and larger, the growth could no longer be supported by its legacy software. The company turned to a retail solution run on Dynamics AX technologies.  With the added support of CRM, Peet’s was able to continue with its mission of supporting local nonprofits, even during times when expansion was a top priority.

World Vision’s entire operation is dependent on an effective supply chain.  This humanitarian organization chose Microsoft Dynamics as the technology to assist them with successful Supply Chain Management – Ensuring that food, water, and other supplies arrive where they are needed and ultimately saving and improving the lives of children across the globe.

Chobani is a perfect example of a company who “suffered” from rapid business growth – A brand that swiftly rose to the top to become the number one selling yogurt brand in the states. With no plans of slowing down, Chobani selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX to help them keep up with the demand. Maintaining its commitment to giving back, Microsoft Dynamics made it easier for the company to continue with its Shepard’s Gift Foundation, allowing “the company [to] grow while maintaining its commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and community involvement,” according to a Microsoft News Center feature story.

Here at Green Beacon, we love to see organizations, like those highlighted above; using Microsoft Dynamics as a vehicle to promote charities and support the well-being of people everywhere.

We applaud our client, the Boston Red Sox, for their efforts through the Red Sox Foundation as they strive to create positive change in the community through their scholars program, youth baseball and softball programs, the Jimmy Fund and the Dimock Center. Green Beacon was chosen by the Sox to implement Dynamics CRM solution, ensuring the continued success of the organization as a whole, as well as the success of their charitable ventures.

Another one of our clients, the New York Yankees, also participate in multiple community outreach programs to “enhance the quality of life throughout the surrounding communities.” Charities they support include relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy victims, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Healthy Home Plate Program, and many more.

When it comes to using ERP to improve supply chain processes, Green Beacon has entered this space with its Green Beacon’s “Retail Supplier Solutions (RSS)” module. This solution makes Microsoft Dynamics® AX the premiere ERP solution catered specifically to Retail Suppliers. Whether you are supplying goods across the globe to help the needy, or stalking the shelves of Walmarts across the country, RSS can help you be successful with planning and forecasting, season management and data visualization capabilities.

Technology is a powerful tool, and using it for good – whether it be in your local community, or on a world stage – is an admirable feet. As a Microsoft Technology Solutions provider, we hope you will let us, help you in your missions and goals. Let’s do good together.

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