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A note from AKA’s HR Department:

Here at AKA Enterprise Solutions, we are able to grow and prosper through our ability to work as one unit rather than as individuals. By doing so, we work with one another to create an atmosphere that thrives with our ability to overcome challenges and achieve new heights as a team. Our team and culture are what make AKA such a unique family to be a part of. Over the years, we’ve put a number of programs in place that are important to our employees and ones that recognize and reward everyone’s outstanding efforts.

One of our most popular programs is our Presidents’ Club. We created Presidents’ Club as an extra incentive for our top performers in the whole company. Each and every AKA team member is given a Presidents’ Club goal. We believe that these goals are challenging, yet achievable. Team members who achieve their goal are invited, along with a guest, to join the management team for a long weekend at a premier resort specially selected for that year’s trip. The trip provides an opportunity to escape the cold winter weather, away from the everyday, on a beach in the sun at an exclusive location for a few days.

AKA Enterprise Solutions understands the significance of a work-life balance. In order to acknowledge those team members who spend a great deal of time away from home for work we developed the Road Warriors Program. When a team member qualifies as a Road Warrior, he or she receives a monetary bonus based on the number of days spent away from home. Secondly, when a consultant is on track to qualify as a Road Warrior, we arrange for a guest to join him or her for a weekend getaway. We recognize that when a team member is on the road, he or she must be away from the family. As a sign of our appreciation for the families of AKA employees who must travel, we send a small gift to the family of the team member to thank them for being supportive of our team member and our team member’s commitment to AKA. We appreciate the hard work and patience our employees and their families give to our organization and want to thank them for it.

AKA Enterprise Solutions is committed to the growth of our employees, both on a professional and a personal level. AKA provides a number of development opportunities to our employees throughout the year whether it be attending an off-site training seminar, industry conference, user group summit or obtaining a certification. We also provide training opportunities for emerging Microsoft technologies as such training becomes available. Employee wellness is another area of interest to the company as a whole. We’ve participated in the J.P. Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge and have even hosted group yoga sessions at our NYC office. Additionally, we reimburse 20% of our employee’s health club memberships – gyms, yoga studies, dance classes, Cross Fit centers, you name it. AKA is developing a formalized wellness program for 2015 focusing on both the physical and mental wellness of our team.

Our company culture and team are AKA’s most valuable assets. Our team is a dynamic group with varying strengths that they each bring to the table. These are just a couple of the ways we can show our appreciation for everyone’s dedication while making AKA a great place to work!

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