CRM 2011 ‘Defaulting’ to Classic Forms: UR12+

If you’re looking to use the Classic forms in CRM instead of the new Polaris Flow UI forms, all you need to do is add a JavaScript Web Resource to the Form. As the new forms don’t support JavaScript (in CRM 2011, anyway), once a JavaScript file is added the form will always revert back to the classic forms.

Note that even if you open up the form and the process one is displayed and you manually change to the Classic form — regardless of whether you save/close and re-open that record later, you’ll be put back into the new Flow UI form.

You can keep changing the form that you use every time you open it up, but if you’re 100% sure you don’t want to use this form, just add an empty JavaScript Web Resource to the page. Even something as simple as: function nothing() {} small issue, simple fix — but hopefully this will save some people a few minutes of time.

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