December 2016 Newsletter

 Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Blog and Webinar Series

What exactly is Dynamics 365? How does it differ other Microsoft Dynamics products? Most importantly, what does it mean to you? In this blog that kicks off a series of blogs and webinars on Microsoft Dynamics 365, we introduce the product, with an overview of functionality, pricing, and other options. In the coming weeks, we will present a deeper dive into various aspects of Dynamics 365 so you will have a solid understanding with which to make sound decisions when it comes to your organization’s technology strategy.  Read More…

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Did You Know…

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM branding has changed and, as of November 1, 2016 is known as Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • If you have enabled Customer Insights in your Dynamics CRM environment, there is a free iPhone mobile app that you can use to connect to Insights/InsideView.

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