Dynamics CRM 2015 – A Modern CRM for Today’s Market

The dynamics of the marketplace are changing.  We are in the midst of a shift from The Information Age to The Age of the Customer Experience.  What this means is that buyers are now flexing their power of understanding information and using it to make better buying decisions.  Having grown up in the New York area in the 80’s, I am reminded of Syms’ department store slogan of “An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer.”

For me, this slogan is particularly interesting in the context of how a company might use a CRM system to create more enthusiastic customers.  A process that is information rich and starts with a target market.  Marketers are often working hard to define and convert targets into prospects.  In our CRM systems, these are referred to as Leads.  Traditionally, this is where the sales department takes over and the in-house sales process kicks into gear.

What impresses me most about Dynamics CRM 2015 is that it’s clear Microsoft gets that the process of converting targets to prospects to enthusiastic customers is a truly collaborative, interdepartmental activity that occurs in real-time.  There are a host of capabilities within CRM 2015 that promote this better working relationship between Marketing, Sales, and Service.  Microsoft has obviously put a lot of thought into creating a CRM solution that embraces this “educated consumer” buying process.

One example that will have immediate impact on how marketing and sales people work together is the “Sales Collaboration Panel.”  Below a screenshot of the marketing campaigns that sales people can view and comment on.  This portal creates marketing and sales synergies that ultimately feed better content to the markets your products or services sell into.


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Post by Andrew Winters, Microsoft Business Solutions Sales Specialist

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