Dynamics CRM 2015 Recent Update: 4 Awesome New Features

Here at AKA we’ve just installed the recent update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. While there are certainly more changes than I’ve listed below, here are a few of the new features that I found truly exciting as an end user.

1. Links on Views

This one might be small but it is a time saver! You’ll now have the ability to click in to an Account, Contact, User Information, etc. from your different view screens. Certainly speeds up navigation.

recent update 1: image of active accounts in Dynamics CRM

2. Simplified Navigation

No more scrolling across the screen to find what you need. Microsoft has simplified navigation with a drop down screen where you can view all your options at once.

simplified navigation drop down

3. Recently Viewed

You’ll no longer have to go back to the entity first, you can navigate to pages you’ve recently viewed with this new button.

recent updates recently viewed image

4. Excel Changes

New drop downs make navigation easy but what is really exciting is that you can open Excel Online to view your data. This is great for quickly analyzing data.

recent update changes to excel drop down

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