Save Time With Budget Planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Budget planning can be used for any company that has a defined process and is extremely flexible.  For example, departments could receive preliminary budget templates and then it could be aggregated and/or updated by various levels of the organization.  Because all templates are in Excel, users have a familiar interface to use and each step of the process can use the same or different templates.  Data from forecasted HR positions, as well as forecasted asset purchases and project planning, can be incorporated into the overall budget planning as well.  The initial steps of the process can disseminate templates across any combination of business units, departments, etc., and then be aggregated once planning is complete.

Workflow is used to track all aspects of the planning process and tasks assigned to individuals across the organization and views of the organization show the status of each part of the budget planning pieces.  In fact, workflow is required to move between stages of an overall budget process.  Because workflow is required for budget planning, and because multiple components from HR and other modules are incorporated, there is complexity to the configuration of the budget planning initial setup.  This means that documentation of the budget planning process and understanding of the workflow is required prior to any data entry within the AX system.  Once this setup is complete and ready to go, however, the process can be copied and used from year to year.

Budgeting Overview:


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