Enjoy a Better Work Day with Regular Microsoft Dynamics System Upgrades

Microsoft Dynamics offers a new User Interface from previous versions to GP 2010 and AX 2012 and CRM 2011. This will make your ERP solution look more like other Microsoft applications you already use – Microsoft Outlook + Microsoft Office. The tighter integration with Microsoft Word and Excel make it easier to create invoices, letters and other documents for customers and vendors as well as dozens of spreadsheet based reports out of the box.  Additionally, your system will benefit from tighter security so you know your information is safe!

If you never upgrade you could be missing some great new enhancements that will make your work easier, more efficient and will actually be more intuitive because of the familiar user interface. Newer Microsoft ERP versions display more information per screen allowing the access to more data in fewer mouse clicks.  Improvements to the modules enable users to get important data more quickly through better reporting, easier queries and informative dashboards. These new enhancements are dependent on the modules you already own and what version you are upgrading from.

If you are current on your yearly maintenance for ERP and CRM you already pay for the latest versions of your system. You just need the updated software to be installed and your information to be migrated as well as any customizations you have in place. We are happy to provide an accurate cost of these services based on the size of your system and the complexity of your customizations.  Ask us how and start to experience greater satisfaction and efficiency at work.

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