It’s Only Your Enterprise, What’s the Problem?

I remember hearing the term “gutting a business” when I first learned about enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations. This was in a meeting where we discussed the long sales cycle and the disruption of replacing an organization’s current, often failing,  system. From down-time to customizations to training employees and migrating existing data from multiple, older systems, the entire experience was pretty terrible.

It also seemed that only the truly desperate would undergo such a process as a last-ditch effort before going bankrupt. That is the wrong attitude and thankfully is no longer the case. Businesses still don’t like disruption but mind it less when it’s called innovation, or even an upgrade. The term ‘gutting your business” is now “growing your business” and that is something we can all get behind. Implementing a flexible system with options that supports your business goals and uses the latest technology is a given, why would you continue using an older system that doesn’t integrate with cutting edge technology platforms? Cloud technology and storage provides access to even more data arming your business with insight for making informed decisions. The more information you have as a business owner the less risk you take on.

All of this is great but again if the process of a new implementation is onerous it will be a tough sell. One of the biggest advancements to Microsoft Dynamics AX is that it  allows companies to choose their project approach to ease the transition and provides ‘milestones’ or checkpoints for deployment. The flexibility that comes with implementation choices even phases for  your system gives your organization control. Business solutions with fast configuration, customizations and rapid deployment of new applications will help set you up for new opportunities and help launch new initiatives based on data your system has gathered. Less system maintenance means your IT department can work with your system instead of on it and they can facilitate new initiatives coming out of the system.

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