Estimate Potential Savings with Microsoft Dynamics and Benefit in 2012

If you have plans to assess your current ERP system or upgrade in 2012 you don’t want to miss out on the Microsoft Dynamics AX benefits estimator. The benefits estimator is designed to calculate the potential annual savings you could achieve using Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions and is based on direct analyst interviews and research on MS Dynamics published by Nucleus Research – a global provider of investigative technology research advisory services used to maximize technology value. Once you identify your industry sector, you can drill down into the key benefits as identified by current customers and determine the estimated savings for your organization.

For example, a professional services company needs to be able to predict project needs, allocate resources and bill clients in an accurate and timely manner. Microsoft Dynamics enables companies to integrate project management details with accounting, billing, and time reporting; streamline expense management and billing; and optimize resources.  The estimator allows you to calculate the annual estimated benefit in five key areas: Increased productivity; improved visibility; reduced administrative overhead; reduced administrative overhead; improved expense management and improved utilization.

Productivity gains  are due to role-based views, role tailored home pages and integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint Server and additional Dynamics products that help to reduce time accessing information. It’s all right there. Visibility into business operations is a result of moving from disparate systems or individually owned files also, time building and running reports is reduced dramatically reduced. The increased visibility results in ready access to information and a better way to share info across the organization resulting in a reduction of administrative staff needed to manually reconcile information between systems. Additionally, greater visibility into a company’s resources allows for the automation of team calendars and timekeeping improving utilization. Finally, improved expense management allows account managers to quickly gain a detailed view of expenditures.  Find out how much you can save per year depending on your industry and utilization needs.

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