February 2017 Newsletter

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series:

So far in our Deep Dive series, we have introduced you to Dynamics 365. In Part 2, we introduced you to what we think is “new and cool” In part 3, the excitement continues with the “new kids on the block”—tools and services that make it easy: PowerApps, Flow, and the Common Data Service (formerly called Common Data Model). Join Mike Hammons as he introduces you to these powerful new tools and show you how you can use them to tackle real challenges in your business.

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Did You Know

Dynamics 365 includes many new features that were previously only available at an additional cost, including,

  • PowerApps
  • Flow
  • Common Data Service (CDS)
  • 1 Production Portal
  • Double the Storage
  • Sandbox included
  • No more than 5+ user minimum purchase
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