Five Reasons You Need the Dynamics CRM 2015 Outlook Client

If your business uses Microsoft Outlook, as most do, you are already comfortable with the user interface. Add Dynamics CRM 2015 and with the Outlook Client you can enter data from your inbox directly into your CRM system benefiting the entire organization. At AKA, we spend a lot of time considering how to best configure the user experience and here are some of our latest suggestions around Outlook Client:

1. Outlook and CRM can (and should) share data:

  • Track Outlook e-mails into CRM 2015, making it part of the permanent history of any Lead, Account, Contact, Case or Opportunity.  If the e-mail might potentially need to be referenced in the future – track it!
  •  Use Outlook to facilitate data entry into CRM 2015. It is easy to train users on how to do this.  A great example is:  When an e-mail comes in from a new contact to your organization, you’ll want to track it into CRM and capture that contact information.  From there, the newly entered contact can be added to marketing lists, categorized and better engaged via CRM capabilities.

2.  Convert e-mail directly to Leads, Contacts, Cases and Opportunities. There is no need to rekey information as the Outlook Client can push this information to CRM.  CRM will then create the appropriate record and begin the tracking process.

3. Use Outlook Tasks and Appointments –  On a daily basis, we are in Outlook managing our calendars, why not create Tasks and Appointments and track them to CRM.  Tracking them to CRM provides the full historical record of the engagement. Tasks and Appointments can also be automated based on business rules.  For example, a new task can be created when a new lead is entered into CRM.

4. Outlook has several great formatting tools which allow organizations and users to highlight particular records. For example, Opportunities that are past due can be formatted to be in red font.

5. Outlook becomes CRM. As Microsoft continues to merge its Office application capabilities into a single user experience, organizations can look to the Outlook client as their primary CRM interface.  We really like the “single screen” CRM experience, where Excel, Word, etc. can be embedded into CRM for a one screen view at contact, customer, etc.

The CRM 2015 Outlook Client is a powerful tool to drive CRM business processes.  We hope that you’ll fully review its possibilities within your CRM empowered organization.


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