Injury/Illness Incidents in Dynamics AX 2012

When it comes to workplace  injury and illness incidents, especially in manufacturing and production industries, it is important to keep a complete record of all data related to the injury. This is important  for both legal and regulatory purposes, for example – OSHA compliance.  The great thing about AX 2012 is that it allows you to decide which modules to use and whether or not to limit functionalities available in the system. One of the features that will always be there waiting for you is the Injury and Illness incident form, to track an injury or illness of an employee, including general case information, such as, when the incident occurred, and when and who reported it.

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The incident form covers everything related to injury or illness. For example, if an employee is injured at work, you can identify injured body parts, what was the outcome, cost, treatments, identify doctors, or enter the safeguards that were provided to the worker before the injury or illness occurred (i.e. you could enter safety goggles). You can also attach different documents (i.e. pictures of the incident, notes from people who reported the injury, different type of files) related to this injury/illness.


In addition, injury or illness costs can be easily identified and maintained. Under cost type, you can specify medication, therapy, hospital, tests, and doctor costs, followed with exact amount spent, and ability to attach scanned documentation sent to you by employee, insurance company or hospital, for internal record keeping.


Injury or illness treatments can be tracked in AX 2012 to show treatment date and type, if an overnight hospital stay was required, along with the physician name, hospital info, and treatment details.


If injuries or illnesses had to be reported to OSHA, or any other agency, this form will let you manage it, so you can keep track of what is being reported and how injury/illness filings are being handled.


Because the injury/illness can last for long period of time, on the top section of this form Case status management is available. You can select from the following statuses:

  • In process – Indicate that the processing of the injury or illness is in process. You can select this status after the incident has been opened.
  • Close – Close the incident.
  • Reopen – Reopen the incident after it has been closed.

All injuries or illnesses are tied to the employee record.

Out of box reports are available to show incident treatments, cost and summary based on specific dates, or employee, which gives a great overview of the safety incidents that take place in your organization, various metrics around them, such as recordability, prevention steps, and cost. All of which you can manage and control more efficiently, and more importantly, identify the root cause to ensure your organization provides the safest working conditions for your employees.

Incident Summary Report

incident-summary-report (2)Incident Cost Report

incident-summary-report (3)

I am sure the Safety Directors, Safety Coordinators or anyone responsible for health and injuries in your organization will appreciate this feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, and will use it to its full potential.

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