Manage Business Data with Microsoft’s Trifecta: Office 365, Power BI & CRM Online

By now we have all heard of Big Data, it was a candidate for word of the year in 2012 and has endured as a serious term changing business operations and practices. The idea being that all of the digital information a company has matters. This data should work for your business and countless business solutions providers have developed applications for mining, storing, reporting and forecasting with company data.

Companies have been collecting data for years but how are they using it? Are they using it? Was there even a way to gather, store, make sense, and hopefully gain insight from so much content? With secure cloud platforms, storage and tools, valuable company data is providing more and more insights and the question is no longer over how to use your data but which applications will provide the right insights to grow your business.

With this in mind, let’s discuss the ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 works with some of the latest Microsoft products to organize, synthesize and store your business data.  Microsoft Office 365 is a set of cloud-based productivity services that help users to share documents and data, email, IM, and web conferencing backed with robust security and guaranteed reliability. Office 365, Power BI and CRM 2015 work together allowing companies to manage sales performance, identify opportunities and derive insights from data from both internal and external sources.

CRM 2015 has added some amazing customer engagement capabilities, real-time company and contact information provides immediate insights into a customer’s account right out of your CRM system. Social listening tools offer direct access to social networks, like LinkedIn and Twitter for updates on contacts, companies and industries that you follow.

With Power BI you can interactively investigate data through natural language Q&A – asking the questions that are most relevant to you – to generate a deeper understanding of your business.  A sales manager is able to examine team data to understand which deals have the greatest likelihood to close in any given period. This insight makes it possible to identify these opportunities and alert the sales team for a strong quarter closing.

For more information on applications to manage your company data, provide insights in real-time and navigate through the social ‘chatter’ in your networks and view it in the context of your work, contact AKA.

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