March 2017 Newsletter

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Deep Dive Series: It’s All About Insights, Insights, Insights

We continue our Deep Dive blog series on Dynamics 365, by diving into Insights. With Insights, Microsoft is one of the first companies to apply artificial and machine learning intelligence to their Sales, Marketing and Service applications. This is exciting, but it’s also a bit confusing because there are several forms of Insights now being offered. This blog explains each one in more detail.

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Did You Know

You get a lot of new “free” stuff with your Dynamics 365 subscription, including:

  • Double the storage to start and double per-licensed user (from 5GB to 10GB and from 1GB to 5 GB per 20 users)
  • 1 Production Microsoft Portal
  • 1 Non-Production “CRM” Instance (for backups, testing, trying out new features, etc.)
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