Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Global Premiere: Premium Solution in “Era of the Customer”

Are we currently living in the “era of the customer?”

Microsoft Business Solutions Executive Vice President Kirill Tatarinov certainly thinks so, and in stride with a trend that stems from increased empowerment of the consumer, he states that Microsoft designed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and its other systems “to deliver agile, integrated business solutions that will help organizations in this new era by delivering amazing customer experiences.”

On November 4, 2013, Green Beacon’s sales and marketing teams attended an hour-long virtual Global Premiere Event to celebrate the unveiling of Dynamics CRM 2013. The event was broadcast via webcast from the Fira Barcelona Gran Via Conference Centre in Barcelona, Spain, at the Microsoft office in Cambridge, MA, USA.

From the modern-looking office building located in the heart of Cambridge center, attendants tuned in to a segment of the Premiere Event, as Tatarinov and Jean-Phillippe Courtois, president of Microsoft International, delivered the keynote. According to a Microsoft blog written by Tatarinov, over 70,000 people digitally attended the event.

So, where does this influx of customer “empowerment” come from?

“…people are more informed and better connected than ever,” blogged Tatarinov. “Businesses urgently need solutions to unite and empower their people so they can best serve and nurture their customers.”

Thanks to the prominence of technological advancements including the role of social media and customers’ overall tendency to be more informed, the phrase “the customer is always right” has been taken to a whole new level.

Nowadays, businesses must be prepared to expertly serve their customers if they don’t want to be the center of a complaint that goes viral on Tumblr or another popular social network. For these types of reasons, Microsoft highly prioritizes customers’ needs as reflected in their solutions and products.

“Businesses must unite their people, their processes and their technology to enable a single view and focus on the customer,” Tatarinov blogged. “This is of paramount importance!”

The Dynamics CRM 2013 unveiling event featured companies around the world – including Metro Bank, Servcorp and Pandora – who are using the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM release to enhance the experiences of their customers.

The event also included a live demo of the new release in action presented by Jack Bender, CRM Technical Specialist in East Region Dynamics at Microsoft.

One feature Green Beacon staff was impressed by included the global search capabilities in the Windows Mobile Client App (MoCA). Having one seamless platform to bring together a set of similar information appeared to be an incredibly useful and innovative functionality.

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