Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 New Features!

As we head into spring, theoretically if you live in the Northeast, we have the CRM 2015 release to look forward to. Current Microsoft Dynamics customers with an active service plan can access the CRM 2015 Spring Wave Landing Page for details on the release but let’s look at a few new features we can expect.

Enhanced business process flow capabilities:

  •  A Client API can enable program access to Dynamics CRM 2015. Using JavaScript code, processes can be set to improve the transition flow between stages to ensure that users are working on the correct step. For example, if a hot prospect is identified on one or more field values, JavaScript can be applied to skip certain stages in order to accelerate the prospect through the process.
  • Enhanced Branching Logic – Branching capability during the Sales Process allows organizations to implement complex business rules automatically and across all devices. For example, if you sell both products and services, for each sales qualification performed, you can implement a rule that creates two branches during the process – one for products and one for services.
  • Improved business rules in CRM 2015 make it possible to set up records for salespeople by prefilling information when a record is created. Rules may be set up so that if a lead is referred by an existing customer or has a high rating it will automatically be marked as a hot prospect.

Lead and Account form updates:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 offers a feed for each account. Sales executives can view system updates like closed opportunities and activities such as phone calls or emails to specific contacts. An insights section has also been added with real-time business chatter from online news articles and social media profiles of the company and its employees. Check out our video.
  • Lead management has also been improved with the option for personal dashboards. The sales person or account manager can choose the best way to view leads and follow up directly from their system via phone or email.

There are many more updates to Dynamics CRM 2015 in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service so make sure to stay tuned as we come out with additional videos demonstrating the ease and power of the latest release!


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