Microsoft Dynamics CRM Features and Best Practices, What Makes Dynamics Unique?

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In this product spotlight video, our very own Andrew Winters spoke with Josh Bland of TechnologyAdvice to go over a few features, best practices, and what makes Dynamics unique.

Andrew described Dynamics in one sentence as “an application that helps an organization better interact with their customers and their prospects.”

Below are a few excerpts from the remainder of their conversation:

TechnologyAdvice: What differentiates Dynamics from other CRM software?

Winters: “What really differentiates Microsoft CRM is it’s part of a family of solutions and applications such as Office, PowerBI (business intelligence) and it all kind of falls together. The end user gets in front of a PC or mobile device and has a single application experience/UI for engaging with customers and prospects. It really differentiates Microsoft in the marketplace because it’s a single application set that allows you to better communicate, collaborate, and share information with your prospects and clients.”

TA: What’s a best practice for implementing Dynamics?

Winters: “I think a best practice is to start small. You don’t have to boil the ocean in one big rollout of CRM. You can start with a small group, roll it out, learn best practices with that small group and then roll out to a larger group. You think about getting user adoption throughout the process and involved business/technology leaders together in the process to make sure the solution is being adopted throughout all the phases of the CRM rollout.”

TA: Tell us about your ideal customer

Winters: “Our ideal customer is someone who really values their engagement with a customer and wants to really get the most out of data engagement and use an application that really helps them do that. It can be anyone from a sales group that wants to have a best of breed application for lead management, opportunity management, to a customer service division that wants to be responsive to cases coming into the system and customer requests. Finally marketing, they can get a handprint on who they’re working with and how they’re working with them. holistically the customer will engage with a prospect or customer through these different departments.” Dynamics really provides a best-of-breed application for Dynamics marketing, sales, and service.”

Regarding possible limitations to the software, Paul relayed that typically it’s “not necessarily the application itself but the organization not taking on the ownership and getting that role effectively,” circling back to Dynamics’ best practice: starting small.

He went on to add: “Administrators really need to document how users are using the system and continually work with them to make sure they’re effectively using the application.”

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