Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government Helps Improve Service Levels and Outcomes While Managing Costs

Public sector entities, whether at the federal, state, or local level, are under increased pressure to provide their constituents and customers with easy access to government products and services, but in a budget conscious fashion. And it must be secure. A recent Microsoft whitepaper, Deliver Extraordinary Public Service with a Trustworthy Cloud, discusses how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government can help agencies gain efficiencies to deliver better customer experiences.

Government CRM Online

CRM Online Helps Deliver Value to Constituents

Constituents and customers expect 24/7 access to government services from any device. With an online interface, visitors can get the information they need quickly and easily:

  • Learn more about your agency’s products and services
  • Find service locations
  • Apply for benefits, permits, or licenses
  • Pay bills or fines

Productivity is Increased with Powerful CRM Functionality

Government employees need up-to-date tools that are easy to use and provide the functionality they need to perform their jobs. Since 2010, AKA Green Beacon has helped agencies at all levels of government (

  • Integrate health and human services to better coordinate with internal and external organizations
  • Coordinate government offices through 311 requests from initial contact to final disposition
  • Support the grant management process from application to closeout
  • Track incident reports, including agent assignment and compliance concerns

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government gives employees the ability to communicate and collaborate seamlessly across teams and agencies with access to instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and social collaboration. Plus, integration with Office 365 provides the interface they use every day, but with additional tools to help them perform their tasks more efficiently.

Leadership Has Visibility into Vital Information through CRM

Leaders expect insight and accountability along with a justification for the money spent and the return on investment. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government delivers real value by:

  • Reducing staffing costs by eliminating redundant processes and providing more self-service options while enabling better customer service
  • Providing real insight and transparency into agency operations through business intelligence, providing the tools necessary to find, resolve, and prevent problems quickly
  • Reducing IT costs using cloud-based infrastructure, eliminating the need for staff to maintain and upgrade application software or hardware

Robust CRM Functionality in a Secure Cloud Environment

Being a government entity means having access to sensitive information of constituents as well as other government agencies. This requires the solution used by all to be as secure as possible.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government has been designed specifically to meet security and compliance requirements for the US public sector, including:

  • Compliance with FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO), HIPAA, CJIS, and more
  • Isolation of physical, network, and logical components from the CRM public online cloud
  • Data encryption at rest
  • A dedicated database for each organization instance
  • Location of all data, applications, and hardware in the continental United States
  • A tenant community of only government agencies
  • Supported and operated by US citizens who have been screened
  • A financially-backed Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provides 99.9 percent uptime

Plus, the cloud offers the option to pay-as-you-go, enabling agencies to use only the services they need when they need them, providing predictability regarding capital expenditures.Microsoft-Pub-Sec-White-Paper-Image

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government can help agencies from all levels of government run more efficiently, provide more service to their constituents, and lower staffing and IT costs. To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government can help your agency gain efficiencies and better serve people, download the whitepaper, Deliver Extraordinary Public Service with a Trustworthy Cloud.

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