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One of the perks of being a Microsoft Dynamics customer is access to CustomerSource. If you have Dynamics ERP or CRM software and are current on your service plan you have many opportunities to access information and learning tools that will teach new employees best practices and offer refresher courses for current employees. Because Microsoft Dynamics ERP Products are  always changing and new releases are coming out, access to an educational database is very handy.

First off, make sure you are signed up for CustomerSource if you are not, ask your partner and they will set you up. Once you are in, you can access training any time you want. In order to personalize your training visit My Learning, this page can be used as a your work area and offers easy access to the E-Learning courses you wish to view. There will be an option to add a course to your My Learning page when you select a course title.

Make sure to visit the E-Learning Catalog page so you can see everything you as a customer “owns” as part of your service plan. From here you can bookmark any material you wish to revisit and they will show up on your My Learning page. The E-Learning Catalog page offers two views a filter view and a browse view. the filter view is the default setting and you can search available content with keywords or designate specific criteria for your search. The browse view allows you search in three levels by Product, Series and Collection.

Another place to note is My E-Learning Transcript, here you can see information and attendance history for courses you have accessed. Locate your transcript by clicking the E-learning Transcript link from anywhere on the site. Your transcript page will have a list of courses you have taken, when you first and last accessed the content, your attendance history and a progress report of the number of lessons you have completed.

If you have questions or wish to participate in a virtual tour please contact InterDyn AKA

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