Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015: Split Testing Now Available

This week Microsoft released the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 –Fall Release. In this release, Microsoft packed in a serious amount of additional features that will enhance your marketing efforts and performance. Over the next few weeks we will go through these features pointing out not only what they do, but more importantly how they can benefit your business.

The first new feature that we believe is a useful addition is the ability to add A/B email testing. This allows you to set up different emails with different characteristics and send them out to a sample of your marketing list to see which one is more effective.

After a certain amount of emails go out, the winner of the test will then be sent to the remaining customers in the marketing list automatically, or on a scheduled execution date and time as you see fit.  For example, you have identified a marketing list of a 100 recipients and want to send an email, but you are torn between two styles or two “call to actions” — or perhaps you want to add an offer to one to see if that change assists in receiving more responses. The A/B test actions now allow you to do that, and better yet, you can decide to test only 10% of the entire 100 recipients to see which one is better.

Dynamics Marketing will let send an email to five recipients from group A, and five recipients to group B. Based on the success criteria you define, the automation will automatically send the other 90 recipients the winning version of the email.  And don’t worry, your distribution rules will still be accounted for so any “opt outs” will not be spammed.

Want to learn more: Check it out Microsoft Dynamics Marketing A/B Testing and Automation. Also be sure to check back for more tips related to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2015 – Fall Release.

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