Sports CRM: Build Critical Customer Relationships with Service Activity Plans

Today’s blog topic revolves around Service Activity Plans, which allow Major League Baseball (MLB) teams to build proactive plans for critical customer relationships.

Defining the goal, as with all previous blog topics we’ve discussed, is the first step.  The question to answer is: How do we develop a personal relationship that allows us to know our customer, manage risk as well as maintain and expand customer relationships with the team? We have several tools at our disposal to accomplish this including benefits, special events and activities, touch points (or interactions), such as personal phone calls, emails, in-seat visits, surveys, gifts, and more.

By managing all items and interactions using Service Activity Plans, management can set goals for representatives, and track their progress from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Dashboard.  If representatives need to have a certain number and/or type of interactions in a month, managers can check their progress in reports, and act accordingly. Additionally, management can track the success of such efforts by comparing Service Activity Plan completion rates to renewal rates and customer satisfaction levels. This information can be tracked against specific customers, or across the board, by representative, team, or department.

This data can be used to maintain relationships through the calendar year, as well as to conduct targeted approaches during the renewal process. Another use of this data is to make sure that not only is the internal management team aware of the various contacts and efforts made, but the customers are similarly aware. Ensuring that each season ticket holder is aware of all the benefits they received, for example, by including that information on their invoice, can be very useful in helping a customer visualize the added value of their tickets.

As teams progress with these efforts, they increase inter-department communication, and work across internal lines to provide a more seamless experience for the customer.

To learn more about Sports CRM, please watch our webinar or visit our services page on CRM for Professional Sports teams.

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