Take Advantage of all of the Available Features Included in Your Microsoft Dynamics GP System!

Are you getting the most out of your ERP system? Chances are you’ve done the training and think that you are. As a client manager with InterDyn AKA, a New York City based Microsoft Dynamics Partner, I have learned that many users have outdated systems and are relying on support to fix issues that may not even exist in the newer ERP versions. Additionally, there are often functionalities in the system you have that address many of the problems users face.

Recently we have held three well-attended and valued webcasts that help our clients fully utilize their existing systems.

The first webcast covered the builder tools available within Microsoft Dynamics GP. The builder tools offer additional functionality around reporting with Excel Report Builder – allowing the user to create custom excel reports based off of data within GP as well as connecting to the data within File Share or Microsoft SharePoint. Custom Drill downs allow the user to create new drill downs to open Dynamics GP windows. Navigation List Builder allows you to create new lists with any Microsoft GP data and Smartlist Builder creates new smartlists based on selected criteria.

We also covered the seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office. This webcast walked through the many integration points between Microsoft GP and Microsoft Word:   Word templates, Excel, Email/Outlook and report templates. Many users are comfortable with Microsoft Office, making the integration between that and Dynamics GP a very useful collaboration.

Finally, we held a webcast on the advantages of Microsoft SQL Reporting services available within GP showing how to leverage the hundreds of charts and reports pre-built in Microsoft Dynamics GP. These include: SSRS in GP, Report Manager, the different views and stored procedures, templates and shared data sources and navigation features.

For information on future webcasts and to view video recordings of past sessions, please contact InterDyn AKA.

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