A Case for Storing Data in the Cloud

Current business trends indicate that more and more companies are adopting cloud based business applications. Any shift in the way we do business is cause for concern and discussion. As data warehousing in the cloud  gains popularity,  concerns about security, ease of access, compliance and transaction speed demand attention.  In a recent post from wired.com, To Cloud or Not to Cloud: Where Does Your Data Warehouse Belong? Sandy Steier examines the validity of these and other concerns.

Security -Some companies feel that their data is safer onsite being managed by their own people. However, cloud storage providers are technically experts in the field and have built their business on ensuring a secure environment. One can assume they deal with security and compliance issues more than most company IT departments. Think of it as outsourcing to a marketing or advertising agency – they have the expertise so why not leverage it?

Speed/performance – with the exception of high frequency traders the difference in transaction speed is unlikely to be a factor. Additionally, cloud providers are used to managing thousands of servers and have the latest hardware in order to be competitive.

Proven Solution – The idea of the cloud is not new. In the past many companies could not afford their own mainframe computers and users would operate on  managed computers. It makes sense that maintenance and storage of data  would return to a remote location to save on operational costs especially with the rise of the remote workforce.


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