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Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and data platform that provides a rapid application development environment to build custom apps for unique business needs. 

Using PowerApps, you can quickly build custom business apps that connect to your business data stored anywhere—from the underlying data platform, or Common Data Service, to nearly any online or on-premises data source, like Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Excel, Office, and even data sources not under the Microsoft umbrella.

A component of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes Power BI and Microsoft Flow, PowerApps is what Microsoft refers to as a “citizen application development platform” because it allows anyone, regardless of programming experience, to build web and mobile applications without writing code.

Apps built with PowerApps provide deep business logic and workflow capabilities that transform manual business processes into automated processes, and with their responsive design, they can run seamlessly in browsers or on mobile devices.

PowerApps and Power BI

In addition, the connection between PowerApps and Power BI, another component of the Power Platform, makes it easy to build an app that provides insights to the people who need it, based on specific roles or tasks.  

Like Power BI, PowerApps connects to hundreds of business systems and databases, making it easy to connect users with the existing processes and data they need. In addition, the data captured in PowerApps is sent back to Power BI for further analysis, creating a continuous improvement loop.

PowerApps is for developers, too

PowerApps also provides an extensible platform that lets developers programmatically interact with data and metadata, apply business logic, create custom connectors, and integrate with external data.

PowerApps and Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also uses the Common Data Service used by PowerApps to store and secure data, enabling organizations that use Dynamics to build apps directly against the core business data already used within Dynamics without the need for integration.

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