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Development services: Tailor and expand your solution to meet the demands of your business

Platforms and applications like Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 come with robust sets of features and functions to provide solid technology solutions. However, no two businesses are exactly the same. So how can you get a solution to fit your needs?

The technology experts at AKA have the experience, training, and a proven approach to designing and building native Cloud solutions that help fine-tune your systems to fit your business like a glove.

Unique solutions for your unique requirements

As Azure Cloud experts, you can rest assured that we have the ability to design and implement exactly what you need. We are also experienced in enhancing Dynamics 365 and other complementary technologies by customizing the base code, integrating it with other applications including those developed by Independent Software Providers (ISVs) in the Microsoft Partner Network, building custom applications, developing reporting strategies, and working together with you on process improvements.

It’s all about what’s best for your organization

It’s not about how many features can be packed into your solution; it’s about what your business needs to operate effectively and efficiently. At AKA, we have expert teams to design and implement customized solutions that help move your business forward with measurable ROI and real business value. We approach development with three important areas of focus:

  • Providing business value: Any customization or development project should provide value to your business in terms of measurable ROI and tangible goals. We work with our clients to ensure the enhancements are driven by genuine business goals that make good business sense
  • Enabling improved business processes: Custom development should improve business processes or they’re not worth your money. We not only help you identify areas for improvement, we make sure the enhancements we put into place will support those new processes. And with the scalability to grow and adapt to your needs, we provide a system that ensures value today and in the future
  • Following critical roadmaps and taking advantage of existing technology: When we engage in development project, we look at important development roadmaps for the entire Microsoft Cloud ecosystem to ensure your solution will grow comfortably without issues when it comes to data migration and future upgrades. We also look at what third-party solution providers are developing to see if we can take advantage of solutions that have already been developed and tested to save money and resources


Ready to pave the way to innovation?

Whatever you’re ready for, we have the people, experience and solutions to make it happen.

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