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Cloud-Based software solutions for Pharmaceutical companies: Accelerate growth and overcome pressures

Pharmaceutical companies depend on high sales margins, technological advances and rapid product introductions for strong business growth.  With cloud-based software solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly AX and CRM) and Azure, AKA can help you put in place the tools you need to manage that growth and overcome constrictions and challenges, including shelf life constraints, cost pressures, competition from generic and over-the-counter drugs, and strict regulatory requirements around manufacturing and product approvals.

CRM for Pharmaceutical companies

The pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing dramatic changes during the last five years that have directly affected the Sales & Marketing processes within this industry.

Mature vs. emerging markets

During the last 5-10 years the difference between Mature and Emerging Markets has been more significant.

An increasing level of governmental regulation limits the traditional approach of promoting pharmaceutical products. Today we see limited access to physicians in the Emerging Markets. At the same time, the physician is under increased pressure to meet with more patients, resulting in less time for each patient, less time for training, and less time for assimilating information from the pharmaceutical companies’ representatives.

Also, in the Mature Markets there is an increasing demand from the patients that the physician shall be well informed on new drugs and treatment methods. For a general practitioner this is of course a challenge and generates increased networking and co-operation with specialists. Demands from principals to prescribe approved drugs based on decisions from local medical committees or purchasing departments also have to be considered.

The influence of the pharmacies

The local pharmacy can be an influencer in the final choice of drug as governmental regulations or recommendations can overrule a physician’s original prescription. This is mainly applicable to non-high tech drugs as these are less likely to be substituted.

The situation of the pharmaceutical representatives

Today the pharmaceutical representative gets less and less time to interact with the physician. Examples from the USA and Europe indicate an average face-to-face interaction time is between 40 seconds and 3 minutes. Studies have shown that to make an impact on prescription behavior, a total interaction time of a minimum of 40 minutes is necessary. Increased regulation from principals reduces the number of physical interactions possible and meetings tend to be with a group of physicians rather than the traditional face-to-face meeting. Meetings with a general practitioner versus a specialist have different challenges demanding approaches with the right level of knowledge and the ability to convey the right information. To be carefully prepared for each physical interaction and to add value is more important today and will continue to be so in the future as compared to the traditional chase of number of interactions with physicians.

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ERP for Pharmaceutical companies

The Pharmaceutical industry is often considered a leader when it comes to the utilization of new, innovative technology to drive major advancements in R&D. However, we have found that when it comes to compliance, inventory, manufacturing, and supply chain management business processes – many Pharmaceutical companies still find themselves buried in paper or using 20 year old technology.

While regulatory reporting and compliance requirements historically drove these organizations to work manually and with paper, there have been many advancements in software technology that should be too compelling to ignore. Unfortunately, once manual and paper-based systems are in place, executives tend to stay with these systems in order to stick with their “tried and true” ways of working. And once they are awash in paper, these companies are so consumed in managing paper trails that they cease to see how crippled their operations really are.

By maintaining the status quo, these companies are ignoring the significant cost savings, efficiencies, and competitive advantages that current Pharmaceutical ERP systems can provide.

Today’s industry leaders are using Pharmaceutical ERP Software like Microsoft Dynamics AX and AKA’s DynamicsAdvantage for Life Sciences to achieve compliance, eliminate costly paperwork errors, speed up information distribution and collaboration, and enable strategies for improving product quality and process efficiency.

Pharmaceutical ERP Software includes extended functionality for: