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Staffing services: Look to AKA’s ResourceAdvantage for staff augmentation

If you’ve ever struggled to fulfill a need for capable resources—especially functional and project management roles where culture and communication are a big part of the equation, you’ll know how challenging it can be to fill those important roles.

In a traditional staffing model, it can take weeks or even months to find the right people with the technology skills you need. And outsourced contracts can’t fill in the gaps in an existing technology endeavor or quickly scale a project up or down.

AKA’s ResourceAdvantage sources the best talent possible to quickly, easily, and affordably build the teams you need to support technology projects at your organization.

ResourceAdvantage benefits:

  • Candidates are from AKA’s network, vetted by a trusted firm (us!)
  • Because of our depth of expertise, we have access to resources in the market that traditional staffing agencies can’t match
  • Using staffed consultants from AKA means you have access to our methodology, experience, and thought leadership
  • Projects can be quickly and easily scaled up or down as needed
  • Challenges where a full project team isn’t necessary or appropriate can be easily addressed
  • If you’re already utilizing AKA for project work, it’s a simple add without having to bring on additional vendors
  • Our rates are more competitive than many large staffing firms


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